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Outlook 2010: The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable


The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.


Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010

Possible Solution:

Start the “Microsoft Exchange Address Book” Service on the Exchange Server

GUI: Start -> Run -> Services.msc -> Click on “Microsoft Exchange Address Book” -> Click the “Start” button

Command Line: net start MSExchangeAB

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  • nir  18:46 Jul 18, 2014 

    Microsoft Exchange Address Book is on the CAS server.

  • Ajun  04:34 Apr 30, 2013 

    Many Thanks microtom…

  • veronica lee  23:14 Jan 20, 2013 

    I had the same issue for months. I have to use webmail until last week, for whatever reason, the issue resolved itself, and I was able to connect to the microsoft exchange server. I did not make any changes to the setting nor the exchange server. The only difference was I have just upgraded my internet capacity.
    by the way, the link to the guide does not take me to the guide.

  • microtom  14:42 Jan 18, 2013 

    Certificates.. I hate them! :) thanks for sharing Kris! Add me on BF3: microtom ;)

  • Kris Coady  14:41 Jan 18, 2013 

    Got the problem fixed in my setup. Had nothing to do with an Exchange Address Book (which simply doesn’t even have a service on my server). Problem turned out to be related to certification.

    I wrote a small guide on how I fixed it here:

  • microtom  10:35 Jan 18, 2013 

    Hello Enrico

    You need to start it on the Exchange Server, not the client.

    Greetings, Tom

  • microtom  10:35 Jan 18, 2013 

    Hello Enrico

    What Version of Exchange are you running?

    Greetings, Tom

  • microtom  10:34 Jan 18, 2013 

    Kris, do you have any Exchange Services that are configured to “Automatic” and are not running?

  • Enrico  10:11 Jan 18, 2013 

    Can you help me get to the Microsoft Address Book?

  • Enrico  10:10 Jan 18, 2013 

    I keep getting a message that Outlook 2010 exchange is unavailable. I tried right-clicking on computer in Windows 7 to get to the Microsoft Exchange Address Book like was suggested, but I don’t know where to go from there to fix the issue.

  • Kris Coady  15:27 Jan 14, 2013 

    Got the same error here with Outlook 2007 clients and an Exchange 2013 server. Our server, however, does not have a service named “Microsoft Exchange Address Book”

  • microtom  08:42 Nov 20, 2012 

    Hello Veronica, are you looking on the Exchange Server? what version of Exchange is running? Greetings, Tom

  • veronica  02:11 Nov 20, 2012 

    I have the same issue as Roshini, I cannot find “Microsoft Exchange Address Book” from Manage services

  • microtom  08:46 Nov 13, 2012 

    Dude, read again ;) You need to open the Services console using the run command. You can alternatively use right click on my computer and select “manage”.
    Start -> Run -> Services.msc -> Click on “Microsoft Exchange Address Book” -> Click the “Start” button


  • Roshni  02:02 Nov 13, 2012 

    I cannot find “Microsoft Exchange Address Book” in run command :(

  • Maarten Docter  10:44 Oct 22, 2012 

    I had a problem that my Outlook 2010 ‘Reply all’ button wasn’t working and showing the same error message from the taskbar. Starting the Address Book service, also fixed this issue. Thank you for sharing!

  • Andy  16:38 Sep 17, 2012 

    I second that, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • RamoSmile  09:01 May 08, 2012 


    Just to thank you, thank you, thank you.


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